Glitter Bottle

The Ear is the Material for the Reception of the Message

The third in a series of videos by Super Vague (a collaboration between ecotoxicologist Dr. David Saunders and artist Keeley Haftner), Glitter Bottle is a video that documents Haftner consuming a bottle of water containing large quantities of glitter, a kind of visual representation of microplastics our oceans and in the water living creatures on earth consume. The concept and film production were developed mutually by Super Vague, with human toxicological research support provided from Dr. Garrett Morandi, and editing by Keeley Haftner.

Party Balloons

HD Video (Helium balloons)_17:13_2019

Party Balloons is a video in which I inhale helium while discussing helium as a resource. It is part of a developing video series titled The Eye is the Material for the Reception of the Image, which attempt to make human understanding of materials as personal and visceral as possible.

The title of the video series refers to Jean-François Lyotard’s interview with Bernard Blistène for Flash Art magazine regarding his iconic Les Immatériaux exhibition at Centre Pompidou. As a philosopher cum curator, Lyotard’s aim was to create a context where the link between scientific and artistic modes of thought was encouraged, where artists became philosophers asking, “why does something happen rather than nothing?”, and where – perhaps for the first time – the exhibition itself became an artwork. He believed that all the progress made in the arts and sciences was (mistakenly) working toward knowing objects, be they objects of thought or of matter. We now exist in the hangover of the Postmodernism with which Lyotard was engaged – one that is predicated on perpetual uncertainty. What we require today is a shift from believing knowledge to be an impossible ambition, to knowing that knowledge is a moving target.