School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL: 2014-2016

            Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Fiber and Material Studies Department

Mount Allison University (MTA), Sackville, NB: 2007-2011

            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Triple Major: Sculpture, Printmaking and Painting





Solo Exhibitions


(*indicates juried)

2017:  *Tesselescence (Struts), residency/exhibition, Struts Gallery Inc, Sackville, NB

2017:  limitless future, limited reflection, curated, Paris London Hong Kong, Chicago, IL

2017:  *Galleryfill (part of Reasonable Grounds), Third Space gallery, Saint John, NB

2014:  Potsherds, curated: Lucien Durey, HAUNT Gallery, Iceland

2014:  Potsherds, curated: Anitra Hamilton, Satchel Gallery, various locations

2013:  7 Propositions, the Vault Gallery, Bruno Arts Bank, Bruno, SK

2012:  Waste Warrior Women of the Post-Saskatchewan Apocalypse, Vault Gallery, Bruno Arts Bank, Bruno, SK

2011:  Becoming, for The Living Is Easy series, Struts Gallery, Sackville, NB


Group Exhibitions


2018:  Roll Call, curated: Bryn Jackson/Jenn Cooper, Sugar Space, Indianapolis, IN

2018:  *Edging Forward, IPCNY, New York, NY

2018:  *Beyond Words, curated: Danny Floyd, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL

2017:  *In Your Head, curated: Meg Noe, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL

2017:  *Property, Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society, Roman Susan, Chicago, IL

2017:  Drawing, curated: Randy Alexander, Randy Alexander Gallery, Chicago, IL

2017:  We need to talk…, Petzel Gallery, New York, NY

2017:  On the Far Side of the Marchlands, curated: Moreshin Allahyari/Daniel Rourke, Schering Stiftung, Berlin, DE

2017:  Plastic Rhymes, curated: Ali King, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, Estevan, SK

2016:  *Occupation(s), Studio XX, Montréal, QC

2016:  Virtual Object, curated: Frank Ragano, form & concept, Santa Fe, NM
2016:  *150th Gala, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2016:  MFA Show 2016, curated: Kelly Schindler, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

2016:  *A specific amalgam of spirit and dirt, aka artist-run, Saskatoon, SK

2014-16:  *Repetition, with Ink Slab Printmakers, provincial touring (Saskatchewan)

2014:  Alumni Exhibition, Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts, Sackville, NB

2014:  EYJA, SÍM Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland

2013-16:  Under New Management, curated: Suzanne Carte/Su-Ying Lee, national touring (Canada)

2013:  RePRO:2014, curated: Kimberley Rush, Communication Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

2012:  PAL, Powwow, Seoul, South Korea

2012:  aka Members Show, curated: Lisa Baldissera, aka artist-run gallery, Saskatoon, SK

2011:  BMO 1st ART!, curated: Dawn Cain, MOCCA Gallery in Toronto, ON

2010:  *The Archive and Everyday Life Visual and Media Arts Exhibition, Hamilton Artists Inc. Hamilton, ON




2018:  Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant

2018:  Saskatchewan Arts Board Independent Artist Grant

2017:  Jeu de Paume, Paris, FR

2017:  Schering Foundation, Berlin, DE

2015-16:  Arts, Science & Culture Collaboration Initiative Grant, Chicago, IL

2015:  SAIC Second Year International Graduate Scholarship, Chicago, IL

2015:  SAIC Graduate Studies Travel Grant, Chicago, IL

2015:  Fiber and Material Studies Haystack Conference Fellowship, Chicago, IL

2015:  Ox-Bow Merit Scholarship, Saugatuck, MI

2014:  SaskFestivals Project Grant, Saskatoon, SK

2013-14:  Placemaker Program, Saskatoon, SK

2013:  SaskCulture Capacity Building Grant (w/aka artist-run), Saskatoon, SK

2013:  Winter 2013 Member's Production Fund, PAVED Arts, Saskatoon, SK

2012:  Saskatchewan Arts Board Travel Grant, Regina, SK

2011:  BMO Financial Group’s 1st Art! Invitational Student Art Competition, Toronto, ON

2011:  Fine Art Departmental Award, Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB

2010/11:  Marjorie Young Bell Fine Art and Music Award, Sackville, NB

2010/11:  John P. Asimakos Award in Painting, Sackville, NB

2010:  Crake Junior Research Fellowship, Sackville, NB

2008-10:  J.E.A. Crake Foundation Scholarship, Sackville, NB

2008-09:  Mary K McKean Scholarship, Sackville, NB

2007-11:  University Scholarship (Dean’s List), Sackville, NB

2007:  E.B. Pulford Scholarship (Top Incoming B.F.A. Portfolio), Sackville, NB




2017:  *Galleryfill, Third Space gallery, Saint John, NB

2013:  *Found Compressions One and Two, Placemaker Program, Saskatoon, SK

Numerous Private Collections




2016-18:  *HATCH Projects, curated: (Cesáreo Moreno, Claude Isé, Franck Mercurio, Jennifer Scott), Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago, IL

2017:  *Open Studio, Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, Sackville, NB

2015:  *Altered States with Claire Sherman/Valerie Hegarty, Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, MI

2014:  *SÍM Residency; Reykjavík, IS

2013:  *New Noise; Soi Fischer Thematic Residency; Artscape Gibraltar, Toronto, ON

2012:  Graven Feather Studio, Toronto, ON

2012:  *Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Canning, NS

2012:  *Bruno Arts Bank, Bruno, SK

2011:  *Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT




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2018: Roundtable, for Roll Call exhibition at Sugar Space, Indianapolis, IN

2018: Artist Talk, “Energy Well Spent: Complexity and Complicity in Ecologic Production,” Open Engagement 2018, Queens Museum, New York, NY

2018:  Workshop, “Crochet with Plastic Bags”, Thomas Hirschhorn’s What I can learn from you. What you can learn from me., Remai Modern, Saskatoon, SK

2017:  Artist Talk, “Waste Patterns: Transforming Trash, Obsolescing, Tessellating, and Other Related Complexities,” A Handmade Assembly, Sackville, NB

2017:  Artist Talk, Third Space gallery, Saint John, NB

2016:  Artist Talk, “On Environment,” School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2016:  Workshop, Closed Loop 3D Printing, Concordia University, Montréal, QC

2016:  Workshop, Closed Loop 3D Printing, (Keeley Haftner and Will McFadden), Hack Arts Lab, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2016:  Artist Talk, “Artist-as-Curator,” Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

2015Presentation, “Closed-Loop 3D Printing,” AASHE 2015 Conference and Expo: Transforming Sustainability Education, Minneapolis, MN





2018:  Presenter, Open Engagement: Sustainability, New York, NY

2017:  Exhibitor, A Handmade Assembly, Struts Gallery Inc, Sackville, NB

2017:  *Exhibitor, Photophobia, (Super Vague), Hamilton Artists Inc, Hamilton, ON

2017:  Exhibitor, Transmediale (Ever Elusive: 30 Years of Transmediale), Berlin, DE

2016:  *Exhibitor, Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival, Santa Fe, NM

2015:  Resident, “Ideas on Making, Materials, and Creative Process,” Haystack Mountain Conference, Deer Isle, ME

2013:  *Exhibitor, King Street Alt Film Festival, Toronto, ON

2012:  Exhibitor, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, curated: Shauna McCabe, Graven Feather Studio, Toronto, ON

2012:  *Exhibitor, ARTwalk, aka artist-run, Saskatoon, SK

2010:  Exhibitor, “The Archive and Everyday Life,” John Douglas Taylor Conference, Hamilton, ON

2010:  Performer, 5th Annual Symposium of Art: To Face the World On My Own Again, independent performance, Sackville, NB

2010:  *Performer, OK, Quoi?! Contemporary Arts Festival, independent performance, Sackville Music Hall, Sackville, NB

2009:  Performer,14th Annual Symposium of Art: You Gave Me Strength to Stand Alone Again, independent performance, Sackville, NB




2017:  What Is?, (Tammi Campbell, Felipe Steinberg, Karen Reimer, Ai Weiwei*), essays: Michael Golec, Hannah Pivo, Keeley Haftner, Public Access, Chicago, IL

2016:  Digital Dark, (Heather Dewey-Hagborg, !Meddiengruppe Bitnik, Damon Zucconi, Cybertwee), essay: Veronica Sines, Public Access, Chicago, IL

2016:  *A specific amalgam of spirit and dirt, (Ben Reeves, Sean Weisgerber, Ambera Wellmann, Keeley Haftner), aka artist-run, Saskatoon, SK

2014:  Street Meet (Indigo (Shallom Johnson): BC, Sirvis (Sean Fawcett): SK, Laura Hale: SK, Roadsworth (Peter Gibson): QC), Saskatoon, SK

2013:  Street Meet (Akos (Corey Bulpitt): BC, Shelley Miller: QC, Robyn Love: NFL, David LaRiviere: SK, Dex Fernendez: Philippines), Saskatoon, SK